SagePath” is my Facebook Fan Page, which provides a series of Life Coaching Lessons; a path to walk, to help you BECOME Wise. -Rich Dallas


What is a Sage? What does it mean to be “Truly Wise”
Walking the “SagePath” leads to Wisdom… SageCraft is the practical Life Coaching application of that Wisdom, toward producing lasting, real tangible change and improvement in your Life Coaching Clients.“-Rich Dallas

After spending time accumulating some “WISDOM” yourself, your task is then to share that wisdom with others. It has been that way for thousands of years. You find yourself a “DISCIPLER” to train, coach, mentor, and disciple YOU. [I call this ‘Walking the SagePath“]. Then you find someone that you, yourself can train, Life Coach, mentor, and disciple. [I call this “Applying the SageCraft“]Rich Dallas -Achology Certified Life Coach, SageCraft Practitioner, SageCraft Life Coach Trainer


Definition of: ” >LIFE COACHING< ” Click this link. It provides about as good a definition of the function of a Life Coach, as any I could write myself. (Then, please come back and continue reading)-Rich Dallas

THE “SAGEPATH” – SagePath is a metaphor describing the PATH of the Sage, the path of the Wise, the path of virtue, goodness, and peace. It illustrates the path a Wise person chooses to travel to gain TRUE Wisdom. Visit/Like/Follow > SagePath < (on Facebook) Rich Dallas-Author/Editor of SagePath.

All of us are on a path. We can choose a path to clarity, truth, and certainty. Or, we can choose a path toward chaos, half-truth, and confusion.

Part of Wisdom is the ability to perceive things AS THEY ARE, not as we wish them to be. If we see things as they are, we stand a better chance of solving our problems, making wise decisions, and succeeding in life. This is a condition the ancient Greeks called >”Eudaimonia”< or, “HUMAN FLOURISHING”:

Wisdom must assist with practical problems of living. It must assist in helping you flourish, IN EVERY AREA OF LIFE. If it does not, it is not wisdom at all. Wisdom must assist in producing CHANGE.
SageCraft Gives you the tools to APPLY the Wisdom you’ve gained, and produce measurable change and positive, real-world results in YOUR life, and in the lives of those you help as a Life Coach. – >Rich Dallas< Veteran and volunteer “Buddy-to-Buddy” Life Coach

What is Wisdom? What is Wisdom for? What will Wisdom DO for me? How do I gain Wisdom? and How will I know when I have it? “SageCraft” is the application of Ancient Biblical Wisdom to the problems of modern everyday living. SageCraft-is dedicated to an ancient, time tested, PROVEN teaching and learning process. So, generally, WHAT IS WISDOM? Check out this link: General Discussion on Wisdom from Wikipedia: >Wisdom <

You have a right to know this at the outset before you read any further: I am a “Conservative, Bible-believing, fundamentalist, Born-Again Christian. My entire approach to Life Coaching and TEACHING Life Coaching begins with that foundation and the set of presuppositions that go with it.

The Bible has a LOT to say about what TRUE Wisdom is. It reveals how to acquire it, what Wisdom does for you, and how to know when you HAVE it.

The Bible is an adequate guide for all aspects of life
Walking the SagePath is GATHERING Biblical Wisdom. SageCraft is helping others APPLY that Wisdom.

I believe that adopting a Biblical world view ALONE can change your entire perspective and approach to living. … because it points to the single cause of human suffering: SIN. It also points to the Author of Life; the Risen Savior Jesus Christ. The Bible, by itself, is the ALL SUFFICIENT textbook that provides everything you need for progress, Spiritual Growth, and healing.

Have you ever felt just … STUCK? Are you unable to move forward in life? Are your goals and aspirations BLOCKED? Many times it helps to have someone act as a guide. We NEED direction. That was true for much of my life. SageCraft provides the tools and strategies This process can be described as one-on-one Mentoring, Discipleship, or Life-Coaching. It points to the goal of human well-being, which is:

> Flourishing < (or:) “>Eudaimonia<” in ancient Greek)

SageCraft can be the key to navigating your way over, through, OR AROUND life’s obstacles, setbacks, and suffering. It will help you to cope with Anxiety, Grief, Loss, Anger, Divorce, Bitterness, Depression, Alcohol and Drug Abuse, and even Poverty and Terminal Illness.

God loves you, and he wants you to be happy and successful. So do I – [Rich Dallas – Author of SagePath – (The Path of the Wise) on Facebook and [“SageCraft the Art and Skills of Effective Christian Life Coaching”]