SAGECRAFT “BASIC 100” Course Outline

This course is designed to teach you the practical basics of Life Coaching with a Christan Perspective.


Class room training in the Principles of SageCraft Christian Life Coaching

SESSION 1: Overview of the course. History and Development of SageCraft. (my story). The Definition of a SageCraft Christian Life Coach. The Purpose of Life Coaching. What Life Coaching means. Dangers and Traps of Life Coaching. “Psycho-Heresy” and the Integrationist approaches. 100 core Core tools of SageCraft. Approaches to Biblical counseling. Keeping a Solution-Focus. >Biblical Foundations< of Christian Life Coaching STOP IT” VIDEO. Quiz, 10 questions <<<UNDERSTANDING TRUTH CLAIMS>>>

SESSION 2 Life Coaching as a Ministry and Para-Profession. As a SageCraft Life-Coach, you are an Evangelist and a PEER COUNSELOR. Groups contributing to the study of life coaching as an occupation. Formal and Informal Life Coaching. ICF 11 Core Competencies. The SageCraft Life Coaching Pyramid. Downing: 8 essentials of Counseling, Scheffler’s Counseling Model. The “written” Life Coaching Agreement. Dealing with Drama and establishing Boundaries. Compassion fatigue. Spiritual Growth Triangle. “ONE MOMENT MEDITATION” VIDEO. Quiz, 10 questions

Golden Triangle of Spiritual Growth-Dallas Willard (Funny how his FIRST name and my LAST name are the same)

SESSION 3: Discipleship and Life Coaching – Your Life Coaching “Presence”, and the “Spirit” of the Life Coach. Representing the Lord Jesus. Exhibiting Fruit of the Spirit. How to develop & handle the Life-Coaching relationship. Biblical Qualifications of a SageCraft Christian Life Coach. Your walk with the Lord. Your motivation for learning about Life Coaching. The importance of Bible Knowledge, Exegesis, and Hermeneutics; to include Apologetics. Quiz, 10 questions <<<WEBSITES AND RECOMMENDED RESOURCES>>>

SESSION 4: The SageCraft Top Ten Basic Life Coaching Skills. Basic Open and Closed Questions. Conversation Skills.The “O.A.R.S.” model. The Life Coaching and Discipleship Process. A Basic Framework for Life Coaching. (Skilled Helper Model). Downing: 8 essentials of Counseling, Scheffler Model, Life Coaching out of your personal experience; This is what provides you credibility, congruence, and effectiveness. Quiz, 10 questions



SESSION 5: SageCraft Biblical Interviewing Skills, and the Process of ChangePART 1 (Begin “CORE 100”) Conversational Skills, and frameworks that lead to growth. Solution-Focused Life Coaching. Motivational Interviewing. Spiritual growth and progressive sanctification. Confronting and Admonishing. Assigning homework. Accountability. Documenting your sessions. The Lazarus Technique. Quiz, 10 questions

This course is designed with the Adult Learner in mind.

SESSION 6: SageCraft Biblical “Interviewing” Skills and the Process of Change-PART 2 (Begin CORE 100) More Conversational Skills and frameworks! The Chunking model. The “Drill down” technique. (PRACTICE!). Discretion, Confidentiality, and Coaching “SUPERVISION”-Discussion of Client cases with elders. Quiz 10 questions

SESSION 7: Models for Helping Others GrowPART 1– …spiritually through a trial. Purpose of a Life-Coaching Model, Effective Life Coaching Conversation, and a sampling of models to help “structure” your conversations. The Girard Egan Skilled Helper Model. The “Life/Death” technique. Quiz, 10 questions

Learn about Girard Egan’s “Skilled helper Model”; a Basic Framework for the
Life Coaching process

SESSION 8: Models for Helping Others Grow -PART 2- Kepner-Tregoe Problem-Solving. The Definition of a Problem. Finding Solutions. T.G.R.O.W. Model. The Co-Active Coaching Model. 12-Step and Celebrate Recovery programs. Etc. Quiz, 10 questions

One example: The T.G.R.O.W. MODEL. Just ONE of the important models you will learn to help guide your Client through the Coaching Process

SESSION 9: Mental Health First Aid. – The “7 P.L.A.G.G.E.S.” of Mankind. BIBLICALLY helping a loved one with a mental health issue. – Quiz 10 questions <<<THE “A.L.G.E.E.” MODEL>>>

Learn basics of this necessary Life Coaching Skill. Find out where to get more in depth training, and It’s FREE!

SESSION 10: D.A.P.S.E.S.S. – Depression, Anxiety, Psychosis, Substance Abuse and Eating Disorders, Self-Harm and Sexual Sin Quiz, 10 questions